Monday, January 5, 2009


Welcome to our blog! Our mission is to drastically reduce the use of imported energy used to heat and cool buildings. We unabashedly promote geothermal technology as a proven, available, and cost effective means for doing just that. Different than other forms of renewable energy, geothermal technology is not exotic, does not require government subsidies to be a good investment today (although we love government subsidies on this stuff), and can be effectively installed in virtually every geography. New construction has no excuse for not considering geothermal as the predominant heating and cooling system. While the capital costs are a bit more than conventional systems, the operational savings are material and immediate. Most existing structures should also consider geothermal - especially those that use oil heat in colder climates.

Over time, this will be a forum to discuss, critique and improve on the methods available for using the earth's blanket to moderate our living environments. Come with us on this journey!